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Supreme Commander Laurie, 2024
Before he suicidally blasts his spaceship into a star to confront a dangerous cosmic irregularity, Jack Commer elevates genius physician/engineer Laurie Lachrer to lead the United System Space Force. Supreme Commander Laurie, Book One in a series of the same title, follows her new challenges, beginning with the fascists who overthrow the United System and hunt her down as a traitor.

The Soul Institute, 2024
Computer technician Himal Steina realizes his dream of a mythic return to the sanctuary of a vast foggy University of Soul when he’s appointed writer in residence at the Soul Institute and falls in love with several of its numerous faculty goddesses, unaware that he’s blundering into a catastrophic jumble of power lust, romantic chaos, drug abuse, and gang violence.

Man Against the Horses! Four Theater of the Absurd Novelettes, 2024
Something like an autobiographical investigation of fresh creative energies arising in my 1975: “Space, Time, and Tania,” “Man Against the Horses!”, “The Highland Park Cadillac Races,” and “The 66,000 M.P.H. Bicycle.”

Asylum and Mirage, 2023
A naïve and disconnected artist gives a party to celebrate his success, only to find himself drafted that same night into a mindless war against the Reunion, an unstoppable army of hallucinatory consciousness.

The Damage Patrol Quartet, 2021
A feckless young architect falls in with a sixteen-year-old’s dubious trucking venture. Drug-addled Randy bemoans his fate as a slave employee in New Fascist Australia. An archeologist arrives on a tiny artificial gravity platform to give a scholarly lecture to barbarian colonists. And the Conscious Reach Corporation sets out to cure an entire city’s mental illness.

The Balloon Ship Interviews, 2021
Twelve series characters plead with their creator for a chance to star in the last Jack Commer novel, Balloon Ship Armageddon, surprising the author with their eloquence and concerns.

The UR Jack Commer, 2021
The author reviews the childhood beginnings of the Jack Commer saga, as well as experiments that never made it to the published Jack Commer, Supreme Commander series.

Balloon Ship Armageddon (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 7), 2021
Eight hundred years after his death as a human, Jack Commer’s rebellious son Jonathan James rises as a Wounded bio-robot to captain Balloon Ship Armageddon on a toxic waterworld in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

The SolGrid Rebellion (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 6), 2020
When the solar system adopts the buggy SolGrid telepathic network as a defense against alien intrusion, Jack Commer’s impudent son Jonathan James rises in opposition to what he considers fascist brainwashing.

The Wounded Frontier (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 5), 2020
Supreme Commander Jack Commer pushes for expanded exploration far beyond Sol when a star thirty-four light-years away abruptly vanishes, leaving the infrared signature of a Dyson sphere 967 miles wide, built in one week by a race that kills suns to create spectacular quasar artworks.

Collapse and Delusion (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 4), 2020
As former United System Space Force engineer Phil Sperry struggles with his decades-long treason to the human race, Supreme Commander Jack Commer and his wife Amav journey to the paradise planet Andertwin for a painful visit with their reclusive son Jonathan James, survivor of an abduction by Alpha Centaurian security forces and now the author of a bestselling novel about the collapse of the Centaurian Empire.

Nonprofit Chronowar (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 3), 2020
Ranna Kikken creates the Committee to End Suffering on Planet Earth at her nonprofit Cat Farm, but its first 2028 conference is ruined when disgraced space pilot Joe Commer inadvertently time-travels from 2036 to lecture Ranna’s nonprofit ladies on the 2033 destruction of Earth, the panicky evacuation of humanity to Mars, and an unavoidable war with a psychotic Alpha Centaurian Empire.

Jack Commer, Supreme Commander (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 2), 2020
Jack Commer, newly promoted to Supreme Commander of the United System Space Force, leads a peace mission to the fascist Alpha Centaurian Empire, but his marriage unravels under the pressures of his new command and his wife Amav’s discomforting presence aboard his ship, and he loses his crew to Centaurian brainwashing as he and Amav are sent to be tortured on a barren planet.

The Martian Marauders (Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book 1), 2020
After Captain Jack Commer drops the planet-wrecking Xon bomb to end the Final War, the remnants of Earth’s population hastily evacuate to Mars, where previously unknown native Martians rise in rebellion. Amid family squabbles rising from the presence of four Commer brothers aboard his ship, Jack finds himself battling Martian insurgents armed with shatterguns and telekinetic Amplified Thought. Then Jack compromises the entire mission when he falls in love with the Martian emperor’s beautiful brainwashed consort.

CommWealth, 2020
The CommWealth system, introduced just six months previously, has outlawed private property. Your house or your clothes can be demanded by anyone to be enjoyed for thirty days. As actors in the Forensic Squad theatrical troupe struggle to adapt to the resulting chaos, CommWealth probes their breaking of the Four Rules, and several members find themselves leading a suicidal revolution.

Jump Grenade, 2019
Billy Bolamme, psychopathic Junior Dropout Basketball League star, joins shamanic forces with Guenevere “Universe” Ryder, fellow high school dropout, art gallery receptionist, and unwitting accomplice to thirty thousand murders.  Berserk at missing his five hundredth point in a row, Billy kills a taunting radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up an entire sports arena to erase all witnesses to his crime.  From here on out his fame and luck can only grow.

Sortmind, 2019
The telepathic Sortmind app Mindwipes ten thousand users, and hysterical factions battle in the streets over whether telepathy should be free or outlawed.  Oliver and Sam, high school art students whose fathers head the reviled Citizens Against Telepathy, struggle with friendship, love, and family–as well as rumors of alien invasion and the malfunctioning, reality-altering Sortmind.

Akard Drearstone, 2017
A cinder block falls on Akard Drearstone’s head and he trades his print shop job for lead guitar. Months later, as the four members of the Akard Drearstone Group face the onslaught of national fame at their rural Texas commune, twelve-year-old Jan Pace nurses her crush for the narcissistic, paranoid bassist Jim Piston, growing up way too fast in a surreal summer between seventh and eighth grade.

Trip to Mars, the Picture Book, 2017
A sixth grade boy reports that World War IV has rendered the planet uninhabitable, and that Jack Commer and the crew of Typhoon I have been chosen to spearhead the evacuation of Earth’s surviving population to Mars. A childhood prequel to the Jack Commer series, turned into a picture book in 2014, published as a YouTube video in 2014 and in paperback in 2017.

The First Twenty Steps, 2011
An ex-convict finds himself mixed up in a motorcycle gang’s plan to heist a hyperspatial supercomputer.