The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Science Fiction Series

With the shocking suicide of the Typhoon I, the most powerful military spaceship ever built, the four Commer brothers are reduced to two. After the horrors of the Final War, the evacuation of Earth, and an unexpected conflict with native Martian terrorists, is eldest brother Jack really fit to lead the United System Space Force?

Yet despite stress bordering on hysteria he always seems to come up with the proper solution. Shy with women but easy with command as opposed to his passionate, guilt-ridden brother Joe, when promoted to Supreme Commander Jack passes over numerous ambitious admirals and holds onto power for decades with the newest rejuvenation technology. But has he ever really recovered from the responsibility of overseeing forty years of futile time war with the Alpha Centaurians?

The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Science Fiction Series
The Martian Marauders, a novel by Michael D. Smith Book 1. The Martian Marauders , October 2020

After the Final War and the evacuation of the Earth’s population to Mars, Typhoon I Captain Jack Commer fights native Martians led by their traitorous new human Emperor.

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Background  |  Excerpt (Chapters 1-3 in PDF format)

Jack Commer, Supreme Commander by Michael D. Smith Book 2. Jack Commer, Supreme Commander

Newly-promoted Jack Commer brings poor negotiating skills to the war with the fascist Alpha Centaurian Empire.

Publication Forthcoming

Nonprofit Chronowar by Michael D. Smith Book 3. Nonprofit Chronowar

Jack’s younger brother Joe time travels from 2036 to lecture complacent nonprofit ladies about the coming destruction of the planet.

Publication Forthcoming

Collapse and Delusion by Michael D. Smith Book 4. Collapse and Delusion

Supreme Commander Jack Commer and his wife Amav journey to the paradise planet Andertwin for a painful visit with their reclusive son Jonathan James, author of a bestselling novel about the collapse of the Centaurian empire.

Publication Forthcoming

Collapse and Delusion by Michael D. Smith Book 5. The Wounded Frontier

Jack Commer pushes for exploration far beyond Sol in the untested Typhoon V when a star thirty-four light years away abruptly vanishes, leaving the infrared signature of a Dyson sphere apparently built within one week.

Publication Forthcoming

The SolGrid Rebellion by Michael D. Smith Book 6. The SolGrid Rebellion

When the solar system adopts the buggy SolGrid telepathic network designed by former Space Force officer Patrick James, Jack Commer’s charismatic but impudent son Jonathan James instigates a rebellion against fascist brainwashing.

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