The Jack Commer, Supreme Commander Series by Michael D. Smith

Sortmind, a novel by Michael D. Smith Jump Grenade, a novel by Michael D. Smith CommWealth, a novel by Michael D. Smith

The Soul Institute, a novel by Michael D. Smith

The Jack Commer Series


Jump Grenade


The Soul Institute

With the shocking suicide of spaceship Typhoon I, the four Commer brothers are reduced to two. After the Final War, the evacuation of Earth, and battle with Martian terrorists, is eldest brother Jack fit to lead the United System Space Force? High school art students Oliver and Sam struggle to define themselves in the face of urban terrorism and the malfunctioning, reality-altering Sortmind app. A psychopathic Junior Dropout Basketball League star kills a radio announcer with hand grenades, then blows up an entire sports arena to erase all witnesses. Members of a theatrical troupe lead a suicidal revolution against the CommWealth system, which has outlawed all private property. A computer technician realizes his dream of a mythic return to the sanctuary of a vast foggy university when he’s appointed writer in residence at the Soul Institute.